Paris, Bologna & Verona educational

14th-18th December 2015


For the short time we were in Paris we took a long stroll from the Arc Du Triumph which is located 5 minutes away from the Prince De Galles hotel to the Eiffel tower and along the river back to the Washington Opera hotel where we stayed. A great time to see the Eiffel tower is at sunset as the lights on the tower turn on and get brighter as it gets darker . We didn’t go up the tower but you can go up for €10 on the lift and choose either the 1st, 2nd or top platform – depending on how brave you are.


In brief, Bologna is a small, charming and very fashionable city. As its a university city, it has a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of bars and restaurants that stay open till late. Many of the main attractions and shopping streets are located centrally between the main square Piazza Maggiore and Bologna Centrale train station. A must-do, if you don’t mind heights is climbing the Due Torri towers. There are 400 steps up but has many resting platforms on the way up, so it isn’t too tiring and the views over the city are incredible.


Right in the centre of Verona, Piazza Bra is the location of the famous Arena di Verona. It is close to plenty of shops, bars and restaurants and because it is a small city all of the hotels we visited are within an easy walking distance. We loved the views from Castel San Pietro on the northern hillside of Verona over looking the city. There is a winding stairway up the hillside but not too steep and worth it for fantastic views of the city.